~Yogassageis the merging of Mishabae's Partner Yoga, Qigong, Reiki & Shamanic Chi Energy movement. Yogassage is for healing & preventing injuries & Awakening the pure Kundalini & Tantric Pranayana. Hot Stone & Hot Ayurvedic Oils are merged if in the studio session to break up lactic acid, blocks of chi & returning you to the gentleness of Chi flow during partner yoga. The added Shamanic Ocean waves & musical healing, allows for a deep rejuvinating experience, harmonizing the body,mind & spirit. No yoga experience is necessary & any with cancer or any wellness challenges will greatly benefit. Sessions are individually guided based on your goals & physical background.Yogassage heals beyond limits & loved by corporations, professional athletes,youth,couples,LGBT,competitive Dancers,or even Pre Natal Moms. Contact for Gift Certificates, Women & Group Referral Discounts,Y.E.S. Wellness Packages or to join your retreat, workshop or events. Details for Corporate, Tour, Set Location or Private PLAY Parties available. Studio Deposit for new clients & there is a 24 Hour Cancellation Policy.It Frees the Chi & Rocks your Chakras! ~ INQUIRE OF OUR RETREAT PACKAGES & SUPPORT FOR EVEN WOMEN COUPLES TO TANTRA EVENTS WITH LIVE MUSIC TOO!


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~Y.E.S programs & group events include providing certified professional support for businesses, 501.c3 foundations, other practitioners, Healing/Yogic Studios, Conferences, and Group facilitated Workshops/Retreats. Remote workshops/private coaching certified services available. Thank you for your patience while new Y.E.S website is under construction for 2022 launch. ~


FREE CONSULTATION: 800-566-7055 & 424-288-1356


IG: @AngelsOfStrength.AS1

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