Y.E.S©evolved after 25 years of exploration & study with world followed teachers to include Gurmukh Kaur Khalsa, Cheryl O'Neill CHt, Shiva Rea, Seane Corn, and Paulo Mattioli & spiritual Drs. We are certified in Spiritual Counsel, Kundalini yogic therapy, Reiki and Nutritional Detox CEU & continued recent studies with Food Science taught at Stanford by Functional Medicine MD. Our strengths are to build individual or teams into body, soul consciousness & actualizing our chakra balance of our optimum Self Love!! We have a musician background & have healed our client with additional sound and our Shamanic healing music. We lead vegan & raw food alchemy with detox coaching programs. Our Angels of Strength Self Love Club©workshops support our flying higher into our True Strengths. We will align the chakras with our spiritual music & deep sound healing added in live sessions for all ages, couples, workplace groups, LGBTQ, and professional athletes. Our remote sessions are available globally and we collaborate with other healers and spiritual teachers on location or online events. We have joined working with our friends in CA, WA, NY, NV & Hawaii healing centers, studios & on amazing sacred retreat locations.